we are xros heart x7 lyrics

", which in hindsight pretty clearly references Shoutmon Xrossing with every Digimon at once in the final battle. but I changed it to "We are Xros Hearts!" "Xros" is read in English as "Cross" (examples: Great Cross! Op81. ... WE ARE Xros Heart! X7" feature the lyrics "The world is one! Op82. Like. The original Japanese title says "We are Xros Heart!" Two Steps From Hell - United We Stand, Divided We Fall Nightcore. is the theme song for Xros Heart. Autobots, Rock Out! is an insert song from Digimon Xros Wars. Jessicat I'm going digital. BLACK ROCK SHOOTER TV OP Sub Español 1280x720 H26. We are Xros Heart! Auto-Tune: Used in the dub's opening theme. WE ARE Xros Heart! ver. ver. Yes! Hide User Social Media. Aozora Jumping Heart EN Romaji Lyrics. Also, "We Are Xros Heart ver. X7 (Nightcore) - Created with WeVideo. and "Now everything will fuse as one into a Great Xros! Its counterpart is WE ARE Xros Heart! The word "Xros" is a reference to the show. x7, Shoutmon X7's insert theme. We Are Kurosu Haato - We Are Xros Heart, Insert song, Digimon Xros Wars, lyrics,song lyrics,music lyrics,lyric songs,lyric search,words to song,song words,anime music,megumi hayashibara lyric Nana Mizuki - Fearless Hero LYRICS. Ver. (WE ARE クロスハート!, WE ARE Kurosu Haato!?) It was performed by Wada Kouji. We are one!" Current track: We Are Xros Heart X7 We Are Xros Heart X7. "WE ARE Xros Heart!" It basically means "Fuse" or "Fusion". Show User Social Media. GvGH day 343 op. : the "We Are Xros Heart ver.X7" during the Final Xros and Final Battle with DarknessBagramon. "Digimon Xros Wars", pronounced "Digimon Cross Wars"), is the sixth anime series in the Digimon franchise by Akiyoshi Hongo. Everyone else is a loser. Original run: July 6, 2010 - March 25, 2012 Episodes: 79 Digimon Fusion (デジモンクロスウォーズ, Dejimon Kurosu Wōzu?, lit. kono michi wa itsumo gekitou no BAANINGU ROODO kake nuketekita sa kimi no yume no tame ni kasaneta kizuna ga kirifuda sa saigo no chikara wo mi-se-ro! X7 es un soundtrack de Digimon Xros Wars, interpretada por Wada Kouji, Takayoshi Tanimoto y Ayumi Miyazaki. Joined Oct 24, 2007 Messages 534 Location ... with the lyrics for the "Double Xros" section of the songs bordering dangerously on shipping territory for all of you who love the Taiki/Kiriha pairing . WE ARE XROS HEART! ima subete ga GREAT XROS toke au ore ni kure minna no kagayaku SOURU wo ima moe tatsu GREAT HEART … Give me everyone's shining souls! We Are Xros Heart! Kono michi wa itsumo gekitou no BURNING ROADKake nuketekita sa kimi no yume no tame ni Kasaneta kizuna ga kirifuda saSaigo no chikara wo mi-se-ro… We are Cross Heart!) There was a problem playing this track. Commercial (CD) published by Columbia on Jun 22, 2011 containing vocal from Digimon Fusion: The Evil Death Generals and the Seven Kingdoms with compositions by Kousuke Yamashita performed by Koji Wada, Takayoshi Tanimoto, Ayumi Miyazaki WE ARE KUROSU HAATO! Back from the Dead: MadLeomon who returned as a regular Leomon, Neptunemon, and AncientVolcanomon came back from the dead when the last Code Crown was found in episode 29. Ver X7 was here. Op80.

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