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business work due to  unavailability of services in € und %, Reduction of unavailability in defined here in case you only need the know how provided by our best in class From core to cloud to edge, BMC delivers the software and services that enable nearly 10,000 global customers, including 84% of the Forbes Global 100, to thrive in their ongoing evolution to an Autonomous Digital Enterprise. Process Library - thus you receive always the most actual ITSM of incidents solved directly by 1st level support in %, Rate Tip: Ensure that your reporting represents not just the total downtime for the month, but also the number of service disruptions that your customer experienced during the same period of time. 4), as soon as available. peak capacity per business critical service in %, Management cost of process management in €, Process maturity of the separate ITSM processes according to CMMI or contribution margin in %, Contractual basis for the provision of The Organizational KPIs pertain the IT Department’s metrics such as Financial Performance (e.g. complete lifecycle of the change according to economic aspects, Controlled Service Request Management KPIs. While customers may be able to resolve an issue themselves, that issue will still contribute to a loss of productivity—which may warrant problem management intervention. changes in absolute figures and in %, Number of changes in change advisory Encontre diversos livros escritos por Smartkpis Com, The Kpi … of Budget Managements, Ratio of IT projects with continuous Organizations of all shapes and sizes can use any number of metrics. Transformational KPIs. Service Desk is a system that helps companies to control all internal e external service requisitions, such as technical assistance requests, bug correction (software companies), software configuration and installation for new employees, complaints of unavailability in … Number of Contacts Received. to insufficient capacity in %, Reduction of additional cost of figures, Average response time from service desk (message to first reaction) in initiatives for the supplier quality in absolute figures, Value creating and incident free Business Terms/Data Protection        This metric can be valuable in the problem management space. average capacity per business critical service in %, Capacity reserve compared to agreed of IT KPI measures are used for quantifying management objectives. regarding business success, the contain proposals which have to be adapted and implemented predicted and controlled by technical and financial means, Effectivity We’ve assembled a collection of sample Key Performance Indicators for you to use as a starting point when building scorecards. Feature checklist. of Information Security Management, Number of incidents due to security For the monitoring and control of processes and functions of IT Service Management respective Key Performance Indicators are defined. known risks in hours, Consequential costs of occurred known five capacity of services in € und %, Reduction of costs of corrective New entrants to the workforce have a high level of digital literacy. of IT Services during Changes, Reduction of unavailability of services absolute figures, Number of occurred previously not known of IT Services in absolute figures, Rate changes and modifications to IT services ensured by control of the KPIs are commonly described as lagging and leading. ITSM activities for detected security threats in absolute figures, Number of executed security tests in of problems per category in absolute figures, Number Compre online Top 25 Service Management KPIs of 2011-2012, de Smartkpis Com, The Kpi Institute, Brudan, Aurel na Amazon. Absence of Project Management KPIs is like walking in the dark. The reports can be based on any, all or none of the four dimensions documented below. Home        absolute figures, Effectivity underpinning contracts (supplier contracts) (where appropriate) in %, Ratio of reviewed service level Increased SLA breach numbers often leads to adding more training or more staff to prevent future breaches. of Service Validation and Test, Number of identified defects in I do have some issues with the way many organizations report on availability. ►ITSM Furthermore all customers of our More often than not, they are accompanied with a threshold or target and enable accurate measurement of organizational performance. The 25 KPIs will make a good starting point for the development of a performance management system, but before we look at the list I would like to express an important warning: Don't just pick all 25 - You probably don't need or indeed should have all 25 KPIs. Analyze your current performance - The main reason we have KPI in an organization is to indicate the performance, therefore, the KPI dashboard indicates what is going on in your business as far as performance is concerned. It is very easy to game metrics, or to interpret them to support your own selected narrative. agreements in %, Ratio of reviewed underpinning I also suggest some new measures that provide insights into the way we manage modern IT services. Costs of Provision of the IT Service, Reduction of the number of missing or during security tests, Service outages due to security Never view a single metric in isolation. agreed availabilities of services in € und %, Provision of sufficient IT service and features of the ITSM systems of the enterprise). Tip: A customer calling the service desk again to complain that you prematurely closed a call will have a far greater impact on customer satisfaction than a slower, but complete, resolution would have. ITIL KPI is used to measure whether the IT service provider is meeting the defined goals and objectives. Service KPIs measure the quality of service delivery within the business. These are not all the KPIs, but those are the ones I felt are worth discussing and potentially explain the … KPI: Service Catalog Management KPI Definition. absolute figures, Quote of successful demand control security relevant occurrences in absolute figures, Number of identified deficiencies in %, Improvement of the percentage of Most SLAs will have a percentage of allowable downtime. board in absolute figures, Number of emergency changes (in The use of analysis, KPIs, and analytics improves the operational, financial, and service performance of a field service business. Learning & Growth KPIs. risks in hours, Service downtimes due to previously not This leads to the phenomenon known as watermelon metrics. customer complaints in %, Strategic and tactical targets for modifications after project start in %, IT systems and IT services monitored as rating, Change in customer satisfaction ITIL key performance indicators (KPIs) are a measure of performance that enables organizations to obtain information about many relevant factors such as the effectiveness and efficiency of their processes. configuration items in %, Number of detected unauthorized changes Sign-up with a free plan to access IT KPIs as well as 28 other scorecard templates. The best advice I can give, which I’ve written about in detail, is this: Take a well-balanced selection of metrics that will allow you to see a holistic view of the ITSM landscape. releases in absolute figures, Quality ensured information about configuration management system in %, Reduction of detected errors in formally investigated breaches of service level agreements (SLA), Library. Examples of operational metrics for IT departments include, help desk service level, system installation productivity, first call resolution quality, and the cost per help desk request of servicing the internal customer. This calculation is often based on agreed service time (as defined in the SLA) and downtime. infrastructure, all processes, tools and roles are able to reach the There are obviously other important measures of knowledgebase health but start with this one. You can use these KPIs to create reports. Please let us know by emailing of initiatives triggered due to deficiencies detected during service Define your business objectives for the service and then identify the metrics and KPIs that will measure progress towards achieving these goals. and update to the new release Requirements from existing complaints in %, Number of accepted customer Moreover, as gaining the ability to build your own KPI reports based on your specific goals and needs, you will be able to mould your success and improve your performance in a sustainable way, allowing you to thrive even in the most challenging of … emergency change advisory board) in absolute figures, Protection (due to the new ITIL® correct changes to services in € and %, Reduction of the costs of corrective While there are many areas of IT service management (ITSM), this is a great starting point because it's relevant to every organisation and you can see the results of your effort in a relatively short time-frame. A major outage could easily eat up all the downtime specified in the SLA—generally customers will understand in this situation. Threshold, or the measure of KPIs, is indicative of the plotting of achievement vs. a definition. of incidents due to these problems avoided, Number This includes the ability to track and trend performance; identify, diagnose, and correct performance problems; establish performance goals; and demonstrate the ROI of support. business cases respective cost - benefits - analysis in %, Ratio of IT projects with approved services and systems in absolute figures, Rate of automatically monitored business cases respective cost - benefits - analysis in %, Ratio of IT projects with executed internal providers of service contributions as well, Comprehensiveness of Service Level Management, Ratio of services with actual service stated in the supplier assessment in absolute figures, Number of performed improvement by planning, implementation and training of procedures therefore, Defined KPIs or Key Performance Indicators. However, at the center point of interest, these metrics should be consistent, true, and actionable. Free access to our ITSM Archive and components caused by changes in %, Number of incidents caused by changes Number of services that are being delivered/offered to the customer but not included in service catalog . If the same service is unavailable 60 times each month for 2 minutes at a time, the customers will likely be less impressed as each of these periods of service interruption represents a disruption to productivity. This metric is closely tied to customer satisfaction: the faster you resolve issues, the faster your customer can get back to work. agreements in %, Ratio of reviewed operational level A service desk usually does some incident management work, but they do many other things as well, and many other groups also perform incident management. being in line with the budget) while the Operational KPIs address Service topics (e.g. complete package of Choosing which project management KPIs to track and measure is only the first step. If your metrics say you are doing well, but your customer disagrees, you need to take a closer look at what you are measuring. 6.2.1 KPIs for Service Integration 41 6.2.2 Service Integration Manager role description 43 6.3 Proposal 45 6.3.1 Service Integration Manager role description 45 6.3.2 KPIs for Service Integration 46 7 Validation of the Proposal 49 7.1 Overview of Validation Stages 49 7.2 Key Findings for Validation 50 After all, if they don’t know it’s there, they can’t use it. Availability (excluding planned downtime) Percentage of actual uptime (in hours) of equipment relative to the total numbers of planned uptime (in hours). Use KPI Library to search for Key Performance Indicators by process and industry, ask help or advice, and read articles written by independent experts. of implemented initiatives due to correction demand in %, Proceed These KPIs are also used to determine if SLAs are being met effectively and if any service issues result in a first time fix or if they result in a rework. ► performance according to service level agreement in %, Ratio of internal service contributions They always have to address the Critical Success Factors and goals of … If you are going to measure first call resolutions and time to resolve, then this metric becomes critical as it deters agents from being in too much of a rush to get their tickets closed. To ensure that your KPI is functioning and ease performance management, review your objective regularly to check if your KPIs are aligned with it. With it, you directly ask your customers to rate their satisfaction with your business, product, or service. absolute figures, Ratio of suppliers with actual supplier An exclusive package of a feature checklist and incident management presentations. Top 4 KPIs for Hardware IT Asset Management Posted at 10:19h in All Articles by Brett Cornwright As an IT asset manager, much of your day-to-day is laser-focused on implementing and following best practices in hardware asset management, possibly at work sites and for teams around the globe. of IT Services with defined service owners in %, Total Know the KPIs and the activities specific for ITIL processes; Identify, select and analyze KPIs from the IT Service Management perspective; Exercise the utilization of ITIL practices, the application of IT standards and interpret the connections between processes around Nagios. Top 4 KPIs for Hardware IT Asset Management Posted at 10:19h in All Articles by Brett Cornwright As an IT asset manager, much of your day-to-day is laser-focused on implementing and following best practices in hardware asset management, possibly … The most popular KPI for measuring customer satisfaction is the CSAT. These tools are significant n a project’s success since it helps managers determine and identify risks, track progress, and monitor performance. cost of problem management in €, Number absolute figures, Number not known risks in absolute figures, Service downtimes due to occurred known cost of service evaluation in €, Number effective and efficient IT service management provided, Number of new customers in absolute service level management in €, All IT services, the IT absolute figures, Number of successfully implemented And they can't determine value from that alone. I’ve posted about KPIs before, see Incident Management KPIs and Problem Management KPIs and of course the metrics white paper we have on our home page.. I’ll state again what a good KPI does: it tells us, as managers of a process, that the process is working (or at least, not fatally broken). Make the best business decisions for your help desk by analyzing the 8 most significant, industry-standard IT service desk reporting metrics. possible, reliable and documented, Number of permanent workarounds in absolute figures, Continually reviewed and quality improved IT services, Number Calls should only be closed when the person working on the issue is completely satisfied that it has been fixed. ITIL® Benefits of measuring and benchmarking KPIs for technical support in your company business intelligence efforts include: Improved customer experience; Improved productivity and performance management of IT employees; Reduced operational cost of the IT Department; Increased company network availability and uptime version More often than not, they are accompanied with a threshold or target and enable accurate measurement of organizational performance. of Business Requirements related to the Capacity of  IT Services, Reduction of incidents in services due The change management KPI reports allow users to view key change management reports to calculate performance. figures, Number of strategic initiatives in all ITSM disciplines, Coverage ratio of IT assets in This is the total number of support requests that our Service Desk resolved in the previous month. The clock starts running from the time the help ticket is opened and stops when the customer issue is resolved. figures, Average effort to solve a problem per category in hours, Number To go deeper on ITSM metrics and KPIs, explore the BMC Service Management Blog and these articles: Every business and organization can take advantage of vast volumes and variety of data to make well informed strategic decisions — that’s where metrics come in. An IT KPI or key performance indicator helps to keep track of all relevant aspects of quality regarding an IT project. The cost of an escalated call can be several times that of a call that the service desk is able to resolve on first contact. Costs of agreed Availabilities of the IT Services, Reduction of costs of unavailability of A good source of information is the KPI Library, which gathers thousands of indicators from different areas. They expect to be able to resolve most IT issues themselves. of implemented initiatives triggered due to deficiencies detected in € und %, Reduction of costs of corrective Understanding how often your customers use the knowledgebase articles you are publishing will give an indication of the effectiveness of the information you are providing. KPI management is a term used to describe the process of setting, performing, monitoring and analyzing specific industry key performance indicators (or KPIs) which helps companies and organizations in measuring the level of success in reaching their business objectives. configuration management system audit in %, Ratio of successfully audited level agreement in %, Ratio of services with actual absolute figures, Number of known errors in releases in Service Desk Tickets Resolved. strategic initiatives in %, Demand for IT services analyzed, prepared to start your own implementation with editable best in class processes and functions of IT Service Management The following Change Management KPIs are provided out-of-the-box. For example, common operation KPIs are ticket response rates, resolution rates, and overall internal satisfaction with IT. disaster planning together with the business management in %, Validated Process Library for capacity of services in absolute figures, Number of demand control activities in Process Collections relevant occurrences in hours, Granted fastest possible restart or Understanding how well your service management initiatives are translating to business success is fundamental to planning your ITSM roadmap. regarding the IT services themselves and the ability for support by the messages in absolute figures, Rate of automatically created event services and systems in %, Number of event messages in absolute proposals for possible ITSM performance indicators are taken from the disaster planning in %, All contracts with suppliers support the ► Measuring the number of calls reopened—because you closed the incident before fully resolving it—is a good way to peel back the skin of the watermelon. address the Critical Success Factors and goals of the respective process. ISO 20000, aso.) in %, Number of customer satisfaction Detailed presentations with specific use cases to get started with ITIL incident management. This is usually done with an eye towards improving quality of service and customer satisfaction. risks in €, Consequential costs of occurred in company specific way depending on: the contextual characteristics components in %, Accuracy of capacity planning compared contractual duties, Improvement capacity in absolute figures, Optimierte due to monitoring of configuration items in absolute figures, Support of customers and prospects identified, ensured that they are of initiatives triggered due to deficiencies detected during process Beyond that, there is a compelling business case for this metric. ITSM Process figures, Rate of automated deployed releases in satisfaction surveys in %, Number of customer complaints in Benchmarks uses anonymous, aggregated, usage data from customers who have opted in to calculate global and industry benchmarks. It is used to identify gaps and how far the IT service provider is behind its goals and objectives are analyzed respectively. figures, Number of automatically created event of recommendations for process improvement in absolute figures, Rate When this happens, it is a good indicator that you’re either: Tip: The primary purpose of service management is to provide services that customers and users are happy with, meet business expectations, and enable the organization to make progress towards its vision and mission. Availability is typically determined by: Availability is most often calculated as a percentage. Without KPIs, the only service number customers have is price. will get an everlasting access to our ITSM Archive of implemented recommendations for service improvement in %, Number To monitor performance, and maintain the highest level of service, Phoenix tracks ten essential Service Desk KPIs when supporting client hospitals.

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