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Reach the giant rotating bridge / staircase and lower it. Note: Although a Soul Spear will kill the Giant Knights in 1 hit, using the Crystal Soul Spear resulted in the knights giving more souls. With an Int of 50, this run takes about 1:33-1:45 and will yield 16,682 souls with the Covetous Silver Serpent Ring. Anor Londo is the area you'll encounter after beating Iron Giant and Sen's Fortress in Dark Souls.. Dark Souls Anor Londo. Anor Londo. Dark Souls 1: Anor Londo. After you deal with the first one, proceed to zig zag the archer and take him on. Side View So far, setting up the layout for the infamous archer section within the area. Lure out the other two Silver Knights - one-by-one if that wasn't clear - in the room with ranged attacks and then kill them as well. So, if you've defied the odds and have already been to the Catacombs and gotten the Darkmoon Seance Ring, then go right ahead. 12. The Giant Blacksmith is the only blacksmith that is able to create unique weapons from the Boss Souls gathered up to this point. While there are only seven Fire Keeper Souls in Dark Souls, ... Head to Anor Londo and reach the room just before Ornstein and Smough's boss arena. However, there is a small drawback to Quelaag's Furysword. You can also parry and riposte him in his corner, or even kill him through the wall (either near Siegmeyer, or from the hallway) with a sufficiently large weapon. There's a gap that you can jump through to end up at the corridor we are about to go to, skipping over any battles, if you've used the bonfire and prefer not to fight the Silver Knights all over again. The Build So Far. Easy Access - Enter through the fog gate and to reach the outdoors again. For Dark Souls on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "I killed the Firekeeper in Anor Londo". Head back up and go straight up the long stairway. When in Dark Anor Londo, the cinematics where the player is carried by the Batwing Demons are modified to show Dark Anor Londo instead of the original Anor Londo. Masterpiece! During the cinematic where the player is transported by the Batwing Demons, a clip of the area's boss music. "Soul of the Darkmoon Knightess, Fire Keeper of Anor Londo. The door on the right is locked from the other side but the left door goes into a bedroom and into an ambush; a Silver Knight will jump you from the right side of the door. Once you reach the end, climb down the ladder on the right to reach a fog gate. Dark Souls Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. I don't know her official name yet. Once you get up to the ledge and the archer starts to switch to sword and shield you have just enough time to do the spell before he gets to you. 1. You can kill her for a Fire Keeper Soul if you wish, but doing so will disable this bonfire for this play-through, even though you can still spawn there after death. 306k. Focus on killing Lautrec as the other two do not need to be killed to be successful in the invasion - however if it gets too challenging, fighting three people at once, target the mage then proceed to Lautrec. Pyromancy Flame +104. Head back and into the doorway the other Silver Knight was guarding. 2-For-1 - Also worth noting, you can summon Solaire of Astora - if you're in human form - on the stairs down from where the Archer was. Darkmoon Knightess is Anor Londo's Fire Keeper, bound to the bonfire to keep it lit. If you kill gwyndolin and then turn Anor Londo dark you can be invaded there with both bosses gone BUT if you turn Anor Londo dark before killing gwyndolin and then proceed to defeat him you can no longer be invaded in the area even though it’s dark. After becoming Undead, she visited the Dark Sun Gwyndolin, became a Blade of the Darkmoon, and assumed the flame-keeping duty.She received the Brass Set armor, which hides her hideous form and helps her hunt the guilty. Options - Head down the long spiral stairway and at the bottom you'll see a door on either side of the corridor, and a long stairway straight ahead. If the player wishes to return to Sen's Fortress, they may speak to the Batwing Demon that appears where the player is placed after activating the Resonance Ring. Its attack power partially depends on the amount of humanity you have. If you die in Anor Londo and have either killed Gwyndolin, Gwynivere or the Fire Keeper you will always be taken to the first bonfire regardless of where you rest in AL Last edited by majikthise.uk ; … Reachable via a small orange ring that appears after defeating the Iron Golem on top of Sen's Fortress, it's the home of Lordran's remaining deities and the Lordvessel- an essential artifact for completing the main quest. I currently have +10 claymore, +5 fire long sword, +5 Astora's Straight Sword, and hopefully a +5/10 silver straight sword before i go back there. Rest With An Old Friend - Once through, you'll be in a corridor with a door on either side, and a spiral staircase at the end. Let him know it was you who helped, and he'll reward you again for your assistance with the Miracle Emit Force. She will also offer the ability to join the Princess Guard covenant. For some reason Anor Londo's fire keeper attacked me and now I can't use that fire. Sure, the entrance was sealed because of the undead outbreak but no army of hollows would get past the golem anyway that’s his purpose, to block the gateway. [Layout] Anor Londo is a beautifully designed area with an aureate hue sunrise in the background. At the top you'll see two doors: The one on the right contains nothing, while the one on the left contains a Silver Knight and a Soul of a Hero. Decided to retreat from there to have access to Andre for any basic upgrading to +10. Stick to the railing on the left as you approach the Silver Knight, staying clear of the range of the archer. Anor Londo - In the room with the Darkmoon Knightess Fire Keeper. Forum Posts. Note: You may now kill Gwynevere if you want, but be warned that there are a series of quite serious consequences for doing so: Therefore, killing her is not advised unless you don't mind a gloomy Anor Londo, and have no desire to join or stay on good terms with the Blade of the Darkmoon convenant, or wish to engage in PvP against Darkmoon invaders in Anor Londo. Lautrec's bodyguards only stand in the way, as he is main target, and is the only one who possesses items. So far I have completed the Great Entrance Hall. Enter the door on the left first for a well-deserved break at a bonfire with Solaire of Astora, instead of heading right and having to frustratingly face a Silver Knight, after dealing with the hell that was the Silver Knight Archers. 6773. It is often better to let yourself be killed than risk killing him. Now pay a visit to the cell where Anastacia used to sit, and use the Fire Keeper Soul acquired from Lautrec to bring her, and the Firelink bonfire, back to life. The Royal Sentinels and the Silver Knight greatbowman in the main hall also disappear and are replaced by two non-respawning, hostile Darkmoon Soldiers. Two covenants can be joined in Anor Londo.If the player wishes to return to Sen's Fortress, they may speak to the Batwing Demon th… To the right of the fog gate is a Painting Guardian in a narrow and inclosed stairway. Head back out the room and behind the spiral stairs to find another Silver Knight guarding two more doors. Walkways - Make your way down the spiral staircase to confront a Gargoyle on a walkway; similar to the one you fought on the roof of the Undead Parish, only this one is smaller and breathes lightning instead of fire. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. If not, a good strategy is to whittle him down by darting in to do damage, then darting out to use the hallway as a safety zone to heal. Deal with him and proceed to the left door - the other one's locked from the other side. Heading back towards the staircase you just climbed, you'll find a Mimic in both corners of the room; one's holding a Gold Coin and the other's holding 5 Silver Coins.

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